Many Americans take their allergies into consideration when making decisions in their life. Sometimes allergies impact the food they eat or their activities for the day or the products they purchase. Allergy sufferers even have to decide what type of floor is best for them and if carpet is bad for allergies.

It’s a common concern for allergy sufferers when it comes to installing carpet. The internet and several other sources claim that carpet is bad for allergies but is there any truth to that claim?

The reason for the claim is that you will find millions of allergens living in dirty carpet. Dirty carpet is not healthy for anyone and of course that includes any of the 50 million Americans that suffer from allergies.

Dirty carpet traps everything that touches its surface. That includes dirt, liquid stains, solid foods or particles, pet hair and pet dander and dust and allergens.

The good news is that you can clean dirty carpet. You can vacuum several times each week and you can schedule Laramie carpet cleaners every 6 months or so to remove the deeper dirt and allergens.

That means that while it might not be ideal to have allergens in your carpet, at least they aren’t in the air in your home and there are ways to remove them for good with various cleaning processes.

This is not true for hardwood floors. All of the allergens that circulate in the air in your home will land on hardwood floor and then float into the air again shortly after. This means the allergens will always be circulating around your eyes and your mouth and your ears instead of trapped on the floor.

Hopefully now you don’t still think carpet is bad for allergies and see that with scheduling carpet cleaning for allergy relief you can prevent buildup of allergens in your home and carpet.

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