The occurrence of carpet browning is common after your carpet gets too wet. There are several reasons your carpet might become too wet and cause browning to occur.

What is carpet browning? This is when a brown or yellow spot appears on the surface of your carpet over and over again. Your carpet gets so wet that the water permeates the carpet pad and then dirt and liquid evaporates and reappears on the surface.

You will see browning or yellowing of carpet after it has been exposed to excessive amounts of water or moisture. The moisture might come from water damage due to storms or water damage from leaky faucets or poor plumbing in your home. Extreme cases of water damage require the attention of a professional restoration service in Laramie, WY. Minor water damage can result in carpet browning.

The other reason carpet gets too wet is if a homeowner hires a steam cleaning company in Laramie. The process of steam cleaning your carpet uses a lot of water. Too much water for the good of the carpet. The reason for all of the water is to aid in rinsing out the soap the company uses for cleaning. You have to rinse out soap from carpet. You can’t leave it in the carpet or resoiling, which is similar to carpet browning, will occur.

To avoid carpet browning in your home, you need to routinely check the plumbing in your home and inspect your roof and windows for cracks or poor sealant. You also need to hire a carpet cleaning Laramie service that doesn’t use so much water in their process.

You can hire Chem-Dry of Snowy Range in Laramie, WY without worry of carpet browning. This is because our service only needs one-fifth of the water that steam cleaning needs. That is a lot less water and almost no risk of browning. This also means your carpet will dry much faster too!

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