There is carpet bubbling in your home if there is a large bump or hill in the middle of your wall-to-wall carpet. This occurs for several reasons:

The main reason for carpet bubbles is improper installation of the carpet. We don’t recommend DIY carpet installation as it increases the odds of bubbling or another issue. You should hire a professional with years of experience and the proper tools. The carpet store or manufacturer often recommends one or two services or comes to your home to do it for you. The cost is worth it to ensure the job is done correct.

If carpet bubbling occurs even after you hire an installation company, then you need to call the service and have them return and fix the bubble.

You will sometimes see a bubble or bump in carpet due to the pad. The pad is very important for carpet. We recommend you purchase one of the best pads you can afford when you buy new carpet for your home. A cheap pad will cause bubbling soon after installation and your carpet will wear down faster than you want it to.

There is another cause of carpet ripples that you can’t control. Even the best carpet and pad wear down over time. If you have had the same carpet for 10-15+ years it will simply wear down and bubbles and ripples are often a part of that deterioration process.

The last reason for bubbles in carpet can be avoided. That’s because one of the main causes for bubbling in carpet is hiring a Laramie steam cleaner or service that uses too much water in their process. The more exposure to water, the greater chance for carpet deterioration or bubbling to occur. The process of steam cleaning carpet requires many gallons of hot water to rinse soap out.

Too often the steam cleaning company leaves water behind in the carpet. This is why your carpet dries so slow if you hire a steam cleaning company and it can also cause bubbling or carpet browning.

To prevent bubbles in your carpet, hire a professional installer, buy a high-quality pad and avoid steam cleaners in Laramie for carpet cleaning.

Chem-Dry of Snowy Range offers a low-moisture method for cleaning carpet that doesn’t need near as much water as steam cleaners. You won’t have to worry about heavy saturation or bubbling. The end result is cleaner and drier carpets for your home.

You can schedule carpet cleaning from Chem-Dry of Snowy Range online or call (307) 703-0303 today!