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Dog and cat owners treat their pets like they’re family. You want your pets to be happy, healthy and safe at all times. Your home should be a place where your pets are 100% safe at all times. You will want to be sure to research local companies to ensure they offer carpet cleaning safe for pets.

Your pets spend all of their time on your floor and on your carpet. You don’t want to hire a carpet cleaner in Laramie that uses excessive amounts of harsh chemicals during their cleaning process or methods that result in an unhealthy environment for your pets.

You will want to avoid steam cleaning in order to ensure the process is safe for the pets in your home. This is because steam cleaning carpet requires harsh chemicals, soaps and a lot of water for deep cleaning.

First, steam cleaners use chemicals and soap to create a lather in the carpet to attract the dirt and bacteria. This lather then needs to be rinsed out of the carpet. Some companies use gallons of water for this while others use a combination of water and “acid rinse” to remove the soap. Do you want your pets near an “acid rinse” even if it’s advertised as safe?

If the steam cleaning company is unable to remove all of the water, your carpet will remain wet for several hours and sometimes overnight, which means your pet won’t be able to be on it until it dries. The surface will eventually dry but what often happens is the pad beneath the carpet is still wet. This can cause carpet mold to grow which also poses health concerns for pets and your family.

The safest choice for pets is Chem-Dry of Snowy Range in Laramie, WY. We also serve Cheyenne with superior carpet cleaning safe for pets.

Our process is green-certified and we use much less water too! The solutions we use for carpet cleaning are on the FDA GRAS list and the process is recommended by The Carpet & Rug Institute.

We also offer P.U.R.T.® for pet urine odor removal from carpet, rugs and upholstery. P.U.R.T.® features a 99% success rate at removing potent pet urine odors from your home.

Learn more about our process at our and call (307) 703-0303 to schedule an appointment.