There is one thing that no homeowner in Laramie wants in their home and that is mold. Mold can cause health issues and produces an unpleasant odor. Carpet is a common location for mold. Learn what causes carpet mold to grow:

There are several variations and colors of mold. Each variation has its own colors and some are much worse than others. Black mold is the most dangerous mold and often requires intense home repair to remove. Mold grows in wet and humid places in a home. You will often find carpet mold in basements or rooms that are not used as often as others in a home.

The reason for mold growing on carpet is moisture. You never want your carpet to be wet or even damp for long periods of time. Your carpet will become wet from humidity or from weather damage and water damage as well as poor plumbing or a leaky roof or windows. Another cause for wet carpet is hiring cheap carpet cleaning companies in Laramie and Cheyenne.

There are Laramie carpet cleaners that need to use a lot of water for their service. This is common for steam cleaners and rental carpet cleaning machines. These methods of cleaning carpet use soap to attract and pull dirt from carpet. The soap then needs to be rinsed out of the carpet and that needs a lot of water.

If the company’s equipment isn’t powerful enough it won’t extract all of the water from your carpet. Even if the equipment is high-quality it is extremely difficult to remove 100% of the water from the carpet and sometimes you just have to wait for it to dry. That is when problems like carpet mold occur.

If it is wet for too long, carpet odors will start to emanate from it and you might start to notice mold growing. The good news is there are local carpet cleaning companies in Laramie that use low-moisture methods for cleaning carpet.

Chem-Dry of Snowy Range offers a process that requires 20% of the water of steam cleaning. That’s a lot less! This is because we don’t use soap. We use green cleaning solutions and carbonation for a deeper, healthier clean and superior results.

Your carpet gets damp, not wet, and it dries very fast. Most of the time carpet is dry within 1-2 hours after we leave. Mold will not grow that fast.

You can prevent carpet mold with proper ventilation in your home, routine inspections and repairs of your plumbing and your roof and by scheduling a carpet cleaner that doesn’t use so much water.

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