Over a long enough time, common carpet defects will start to occur in your home. These defects are often a sign of deterioration or improper care or installation of the carpet.

You will want to monitor these defects when they occur to determine whether it is time to either schedule carpet cleaning or replace the carpet entirely.

Below is a list of some of the most common carpet defects found in homes and businesses:


The term carpet bubbling or carpet bumps refers to when hills, bubbles or bumps start to appear in the middle of wall-to-wall carpet.

Your wall-to-wall carpet should be 100% flat across the entire surface of a room so any presence of hills or bumps is a sign something is wrong.

The two common causes for carpet bubbling are either improper installation or deterioration of the adhesive between the carpet and pad.

If your carpet was installed recently and bubbling occurs, we recommend you call the installer and have him or her return to repair the problem. If the carpet is older, there is a possibility the damage is permanent.


The term carpet browning refers to large, reoccurring brown stains on the surface of carpet. These stains are the product of pools of water or moisture below the surface of the carpet. Where does this moisture come from?

There are two common sources for the moisture that leads to carpet browning. One source is from water damage in the home via a leak in the roof or nearby windows or perhaps plumbing problems. The other source is from professional carpet cleaners such as steam cleaning services that use too much water in their service and saturate the pad and the fibers.


Similar to carpet browning, carpet mold starts to appear when a floor is subject to excessive amounts of water. Leftover water below the surface and in the pad leads to mold growth on or in the carpet fibers.

The presence of mold in your carpet and your home is a serious cleanliness and health issue and should be addressed immediately.

If you determine the carpet defects in your carpet are not serious or signs of permanent damage, call Chem-Dry of Snowy Range in Laramie, WY for a deep cleaning to restore your floors to their original beauty and performance.