cat hair

Is there cat hair everywhere in your home? All over your carpet? It’s a common problem for cat owners. Follow our tips to remove cat hair from carpet:

Cats shed constantly and every cat owner needs tips on how to remove cat hair from carpet and throughout their home.

If you have a cat, the hair problem can become so bad that you won’t want to have bare feet in your home or you might not even be able to sit on your furniture without getting covered in cat hair.

Here are our tips to remove cat hair from carpet and upholstery:

Remove Cat Hair from Carpet:

Fabric Softener:

Create a solution of fabric softener and water inside of a spray bottle.

Lightly spray the solution over your carpet and your furniture wherever there is cat hair. You don’t want to saturate carpet or upholstery. Let the solution sit for a few minutes until it has dried.

The fabric softener should loosen the cat hair from the surface. Once it does, you can vacuum the carpet or use a hand tool or attachment on your furniture.

Baking Soda:

You can remove cat hair from carpet with baking soda. The process is very similar to the fabric softener method but baking soda is a little more common in most households.

Just pour a moderate amount of baking soda over the areas of the carpet with cat hair and let the baking soda sit for a few minutes.

Now vacuum up the baking soda and the cat hair. That’s it. No soap or detergent or solutions at all.

Additional Methods:

You can run a carpet rake through your carpet to loosen all of the cat hair. Chem-Dry of Snowy Range uses a carpet rake after each carpet cleaning service in order to loosen the carpet fibers. It creates a fresh, vibrant look too!

Running a balloon across your carpet can remove cat hair too. The static electricity will lift the hair right off the surface. This method works for upholstery too.

Lightly dampen a squeegee and press it against the carpet. Be sure to clean it off each time so you don’t put the cat hair right back onto the carpet.