residential carpet cleaning

The job of cleaning a home is a big responsibility. A clean home is a happier home and a healthier home too! To clean a home is to remove dirt, germs, bacteria and other contaminants for a fresh and inviting ambiance.

Routine cleaning can be done with cloths, vacuums, mops and solutions around the home but residential carpet cleaning requires professional attention to ensure the very best results.

You probably see carpet cleaning machines at grocery stores and hardware stores that you can rent but we do not recommend that. The machines require intensive labor to operate and do not provide the best suction either. To rent the machines might be cheap but the results will not be the best.

Perhaps you feel confident in DIY stain removal from carpet? But not all stains are simple to remove and sometimes if you try to clean them on your own it can lead to permanent damage. Did you know that just using water on stains like ink can cause the stain to set in for good?

You should leave stain removal and deep carpet cleaning to professionals that are certified and able to determine the proper care and solutions for every type of carpet fiber and stain.

The best carpet cleaning is not steam cleaning. The Laramie carpet cleaning companies that use steam cleaning services use too much water and soap for their results. Excessive water and soap often leads to resoiling.

Don’t hire a dry carpet cleaning service either. This method uses chemicals and compounds and solvents that could be unhealthy for your home.

Instead consider Chem-Dry of Snowy Range in Laramie, WY. We have 30 years of experience serving Laramie customers. Our carpet cleaning service uses green cleaning products and Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) for healthier results and a deeper clean. Learn more about our services:

Your carpet will dry in 1-2 hours and be free of dirt, germs and allergens. Call (307) 703-0303 today to schedule an appointment.